WJI Buzz - Barry, Bottum, Rhea, Vanbiber

Dec 7, 2011

Margarita Barry (07) has begun blogging regularly for Huffington Post Detroit. Barry is founder and publisher of the online publications I Am Young Detroit and I Am Young Nation. She is a graduate of Wayne State University and can be reached at

Joseph Bottum (09-10)’s e-book Dakota Christmas has become a bestseller, reaching #1 in Amazon’s Kindle Singles. Bottum can be reached at

Kate Rhea (05 ) is news director for Moody Radio Southeast and a contributor to "The World and Everything in It," a weekly radio show produced by World magazine. Rhea is a graduate of Tompkins Cortland Community College and can be reached at

Hannah Vanbiber (11) was hired by CMC Publications as an assistant editor for the magazines Chattanooga CityScope and Chattanooga HealthScope and a variety of custom publications. Vanbiber is a graduate of Covenant College and can be reached at

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