WJI Buzz - WJI's 25th Convergence Course Convenes!

May 29, 2012

May 29, 2012

World Journalism Institute's 25th Course Convenes











Pictured above: Back Row (L to R): Christina Darnell, Kara Bettis, Rebecca Jacobson, Anne Reiner, Sophia Lee, Abigail Maurer, Catherine Rogers, Chelsea Kolz, Kara Hackett, Kira Clark, Seth Hagan, J.C. Derrick, Director Robert Case, Deputy Director Kim Collins. Front Row (L to R): Katie Hay, Samantha Gilman, Kirsten Richardson, 2012 Intern Katherine Devorak, Rebecca Brittingham, Alwyn Swanepoel, 2012 Webmaster Cameron Sizemore. (Photo by Alicia Hansen.)

New York, N.Y.--The 2012 World Journalism Institute summer multi-week course began on Sunday, May 13, in New York City. Beginning a new decade with The King's College in Manhattan, this year's course is the 25th multi-week course which WJI has offered since 1999. Many years there were two, three and even four courses offered.

This year's students came from as far away as South Africa and include young journalists from universities as diverse as University of Southern California and Patrick Henry College in Virginia. Director Robert Case said, "Based on early evaluations, we expect to eventually offer several paid internships to members of this year's class."

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