WJI 2016 Blog - Day Nine - Hitting the streets with pad and pencil

May 24, 2016

Savannah Petree

Patrick Henry College 

“If you didn’t enjoy the assignment today, journalism might not be for you.”

That’s actually been the case for a lot of our work here at the World Journalism Institute. Whole-hearted diligence to the task at hand is essential. Even if we students have zero experience—be it in radio, photography, or web-writing—we’re getting a taste of everything and learning what suits us best.

PC: Julia Camara

We traveled back in time by way of a writing assignment: listening to President Barack Obama’s second inaugural address, we then reported on it as if actually in D.C. The bane of nearly every journalist’s existence is deadline writing, but the skills we’re learning during those intense assignments are useful for other aspects in life, too. And the career advice we get from visitors (like today: a local radio host) is helpful in planning our futures.

We spent a large chunk of the afternoon pounding the pavement in different areas of Asheville, interviewing people on the street about their thoughts on HB2 (the controversial transgender bathroom bill here in North Carolina). Everyone got a taste of the awkwardness involved in talking to random people, but generally people here in my hometown are friendly and love to talk- that helps in reporting. The eclectic collection of different people in this town makes for a mixed bag of responses to nearly any question.

The neatest part of our writing process involved everyone coming together afterwards and swapping stories, then helping each other edit and improve writing.

The reporters at WORLD inspire us students to work hard and report well for the sake of honestly portraying people’s stories, and bring us one step closer to discerning truth in this fallen world. So even if journalism isn’t for you, the wisdom and skills conveyed at WJI are invaluable for flourishing in other aspects of life.

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