WJI 2016 Blog - Day Eight - Day in the Life

May 23, 2016

Madison Frambes

Westmont College

This morning felt like last Monday all over again: I woke up a little early, slipped on the same outfit, walked to High Five for a cortado—but then Hosanna came in and sat with me. Emma came next. Ciera walked in and ordered coffee and a bagel. Today wasn’t like last Monday, because last Monday we were all still strangers.

We filed in for class, still chatting from the drive from Sweet Peas and groggy from our obit revisions the night before. The morning flew by: Daniel Devine, smiling at us through Skype, gave us tips on reporting and how to make our editor happy—illustrating each with colorful stories from the field. We got to pass around field notebooks compiled from the years Mindy Belz spent living in and researching the Middle East. She captured our attention with stories of her experiences in Baghdad, and we all agreed we didn’t want her to stop when her time was up.

During lunch, while we stuffed our faces with sandwiches and salads, we heard from Katie Wadington of the Asheville Citizen Times. Having learned mostly about writing for a magazine thus far, it was interesting to gain insight into the world of a local newspaper—particularly a secular one. For the rest of the afternoon, the Olaskys helped us move our obits down the latter of abstraction and kill all our darlings.

Class ended early tonight: the Martins had invited everyone over for a BBQ feast at their house. We got out of our business casual, joined some of the WORLD staff with their babies and spouses, and enjoyed a long evening of back-porch conversation.

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