WJI Blog Day 11 AM: Hitting the streets to report

May 24, 2017

Jade Gleason
Rutgers University 

TODAY WAS SO FUN.  Today I got to do my news story and actually be on scene to interview like a real journalist!  I got to talk with the art director in Orange County and really enjoyed just getting to meet people where they are in life.  She described art as a way to provide storytelling and connectedness within the community. She tells kids not to leave their issues at the door but bring them to the room to work together.  It was so inspirational to understand how art can transform and bring together a community, and how beauty should be valued for prosperity. 

 After getting all the information I needed, I went to the new coffee shop that opened in town and would HIGHLY RECCOMEND the fruit and granola bowl because it is literally the best thing ever.  I don't know what kind of granola that was, but I died of joy inside ... and the dried strawberries were like craisins except better.  I will have to say for $5 dollars, its a bit of a small bowl, but it was so tasty that I would probably get it again. 
Extracting the story and putting all the information together was fun.  I really enjoyed taking the information I had and creating an angle to the news article I was writing.  I felt like a real journalist and could really picture myself doing journalism for the rest of my life.  I feel like journalism is so right for me. My passion for writing, storytelling and loving people is done through journalism, and I'm glad I can love a field I'm working in.
Then, I edited that video we had to do, and I felt a bit pyschotic by the end.  I do NOT have a steady hand and so a lot of the shots were shaky, and I was going crazy trying to match the audio with videos, serious kudos to people who do this because its so not me.  Although I would want to do a documentary but maybe I can just be the one being filmed and finding out the information????  I hate tech,  Hate it.  Hate learning about it.  Though I know its good to learn things....

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