WJI Buzz - Kern-Ekins, Geisler, Mnookin, Taylor

Apr 27, 2011

Christine Kern-Ekins (05) is teaching high school English and has coached a University Interscholastic League journalism team for the past two years. Kern-Ekins is a graduate of Sam Houston State University, is based in Reagan, Texas, and can be reached at cjkernekins@yahoo.com.

Dr. Norman Geisler (WJI speaker 02) wrote a new book, released in February, entitled If God, Why Evil?: A New Way to Think About the Question (Bethany House).

Seth Mnookin (WJI speaker 05) has authored a new book released in January: The Panic Virus: A True Story of Medicine, Science, and Fear (Simon & Schuster). Mnookin can be reached at seth@sethmnookin.com.

Jonah Taylor (WJI 10) has a new job as News Editor at The News-Commercial in Collins, Miss. Taylor is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi, and can be reached at jonah.s.taylor@gmail.com.



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