WJI Buzz - Belz, Douthat, Kloosterman, Williams

Sep 1, 2011

Emily Belz (‘06) is a reporter for WORLD magazine, based in the Washington bureau. Belz is a graduate of Covenant College and can be reached at ebelz@worldmag.com.

Ross Douthat (guest speaker ‘10-11) wrote about Francis Schaeffer in his recent New York Times blog post, “The New Yorker and Francis Schaeffer” (8/29/11). In recognition of Dr. Schaeffer's influence, WJI has the Francis Schaeffer Chair of Cultural Apologetics.

Stephen Kloosterman ('04) covers education and features at the Holland Sentinel in West Michigan. His stories, picked up by the Associated Press, have appeared in the Chicago Tribune. Kloosterman is a graduate of Dordt College and can be reached at stvklstr@msn.com.

Juan Williams (guest speaker '08) released his book entitled Muzzled: The Assault on Honest Debate in July.

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