WJI Buzz - Abraham, Belz, Pearcey, Snyder

Sep 15, 2011

Priya Abraham (‘02) is Senior Policy Analyst for the Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives. Abraham has degrees from George Mason University and Texas Christian University. She can be reached at

On August 31, 2010, Jean Belz, pioneering matriarch of late 20th century Presbyterianism, died in Iowa. Three of her sons have taught at WJI and one son, Joel Belz, was the CEO of God's World Publications, Inc., when WJI was founded in 1998. Her book, Tell Someone Your Story, is a collection of her essays and can be purchased from Amazon or in bulk from Nat Belz. The legacy of Mrs. Belz and her late husband Max continues at Cono Christian School, Covenant College, Covenant Theological Seminary, WORLD magazine and WJI.

Nancy Pearcey (WJI's past Francis Schaeffer Scholar) responded to articles published in the New Yorker and the New York Times, which mentioned Francis Schaeffer and Pearcey's book Total Truthas influences on Michele Bachmann. Pearcey's responses were published in Human Events and can be read here and here. Pearcey taught Christian worldview for WJI for several years, and Total Truth has been required reading for WJI students.

John Snyder (speaker ‘02) has written a new book called Your 100 Day Prayer: The Transforming Power of Actively Waiting on God (Thomas Nelson). Snyder can be reached at

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