Enhance storytelling skills in multi-media journalism

Even with the changing media landscape, enterprising journalists have more opportunities than ever before. There will always be a need for storytellers, and journalists of the future will have to tell stories across a variety of platforms, using not only writing skills but also training in photography, video, and sound. At WJI, our students fill up their reporter’s toolbox with skills in all these areas.

Seminars designed for the digital age focus on the best storytelling techniques for newspaper, magazine, radio, and video. Classes will include short lectures but emphasize discussion and analysis of writings, videos, pictures, and audio pieces.

From practicing professionals

At WJI, you are surrounded by professionals who have the stories, lessons, and tools needed to help you thrive in the media world. Journalists who have spent decades honing their craft at home and overseas will mentor you. They are dedicated to encouraging and equipping the next generation of journalists. Through one-on-one editing they will help you strengthen your abilities to communicate and report on society in truth and love.

Who can provide job networking connections

YOU’LL END THE SUMMER WITH INCREASED SKILLS AND PUBLICATIONS TO SHOW POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS. WJI MOVES YOUNG CHRISTIAN JOURNALISTS FROM THE CLASSROOM TO THE NEWSROOM. WE WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO WORK ON THE FRONT LINES OF THE REPORTING LIFE. You will learn how to get paid writing history’s rough draft. You will have a front row seat at the political and social circus, a backstage pass to history as it happens.

While you befriend peers who share your passion for storytelling

Recent WJI graduates tell us one of the biggest treats from taking on this experience is the bonds they form with other students from around the country who are pursuing the same professional calling. Lasting friendships and peer professional contacts are built.

Together who are using this opportunity to become one step closer to making sure people of faith call also tell stories in the public square

Since the summer of 1999, WJI has been gathering students to study journalism from a Christian worldview. Journalism is a high calling. At WORLD, we cover news of every kind but keep in mind the needs of the uns: the unborn, the uneducated, the unemployed, and the unfashionable. At WJI’s summer program, you learn how to use your writing gift for God’s glory

And all of this is provided at little cost to you

Thanks to donor-funded scholarships WJI can cover the full cost of tuition and housing for accepted applicants. Lunches and dinners also are provided. All you need to cover is the transportation costs to and from the Institute, some standard equipment, and a box of cereal for breakfasts.